is a parent website of fiviral ltd.

Slickdealposter offer Deals posting service such as different website in United kingdom, Unites States, Canada, Spain, Australia, Poland, Netherlands, Newzelands and more country.

We have many workers from different countries that means we are an agency of Deals posting.

Slickdeals poster all teams member are responsible to post deals on this time frames.

Refund policy:

Once posted any deals in any website then we do not offer a refund. If this post gets removed then we will offer refunds. However, we are providing digital service so shipping not required on every product. Once any buyer push order then we are responsible to post these deals in the targeted website.

Shipping policy: it’s a digital product/ service so shipping not required. If we failed to complete this work then we can offer refund.

if anything need support then email us directly

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